Customizing Leopard: Add Screen Sharing Features

Along with Quick Look, the new Leopard feature I use most is the built in Screen Sharing. Screen Sharing is accessible in Leopard through several different paths including iChat and Finder. My favorite way, however, is to access the System/Library/Core Services folder, and drag a shortcut to Screen Sharing down to my Dock.

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Customizing Leopard: Add Folder and Zip Viewing to Quicklook

Quick Look has quickly become one of my favorite additions to OS X in Leopard. If you are like me, you find yourself scrolling through directories and using the space bar quite often. I even find myself watching movies and listening to songs using Quick Look. One of the best things Apple did in designing Quick Look, was to make it easily expandable through extensions. Read the rest of this entry »


Customizing Leopard: The Dock

dockfront.jpgAfter using Leopard for the past week and resisting the urge to “play”, I finally gave in and began messing with some of my Dock settings. These leopard tweaks and hints have appeared several places and this is our experience with them.

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30 Get Rid of the Glass Dock in Leopard Get Rid of the Glass Dock in Leopard: If you don’t like the glass dock in Leopard you can change it with a few simple lines in Terminal. Check out this tip to learn how!



Rip DVD Video to Your Mac

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handbrake.jpgIf there is any media which is generally a pain to deal with, video has to be it. With formats and codecs too innumerable to count, obtaining video from sources and converting it for use with other software or devices is potentially one of the more frustrating tasks a user may experience. Let us introduce you to a program which can significantly reduce these frustrations, HandBrake.

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Open Source Spotlight: AppFresh

AppFreshThe TweakOSX team is a big fan of always having the latest versions of software installed on our machines. This ensures we are always running the code with the most recent bug fixes, giving us peace of mind as we go on with our daily lives. A relative newcomer to the Mac application scene, AppFresh helps make the process of keeping all of your applications up to date as painless and quick as possible.

The AppFresh website states:

AppFresh helps you to keep all applications (third-party and Apple), widgets, preference panes and application plugins on your Mac up to date, from one place. It works by checking the excellent for new versions and lets you download and install available updates easily.

So head on over to the AppFresh website, give it a look and try it out!


TUAW: iStat menus v1.1 preview screenshot and details

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TUAW: iStat menus v1.1 preview screenshot and details:

Additional news to our recent post about our favorite apple system stats application, The Unofficial Apple Weblog writes today:

The iSlayer crew have released a preview screenshot on the company’s blog that highlights a few key features coming in v1.1 of iStat menus, their utility for keeping an eye on your Mac’s various statistics from the menubar. Specifically new in this upcoming version will be network graphing, monitoring of S.M.A.R.T. hard drive temperatures, a breakdown of every temp sensor on a CPU and what looks like a significantly redesigned calendar.

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)


N.E.R.D.: How to turn Spotlight OFF (and ON Again)….

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N.E.R.D.: How to turn Spotlight OFF (and ON Again)….:
Tech Blog N.E.R.D details how to turn off(or on) Spotlight on your Mac. Doing this will require editing your /etc/hostconfig file using sudo.

Edit /etc/hostconfig and change the line that reads

Run the following two commands from the command line to get rid of existing index files
sudo mdutil -i off /
sudo mdutil -E /

The Blog also goes into further details about how to remove Spotlights index file and remove the icon from the Menubar.

(Via N.E.R.D.)


Keep Your Macbook Cooler

The increased power of the newer mackbooks can cause them to get pretty hot on your lap when working. Because of this many people resort to only working with their macbook on a desk or resting it on a pillow on their lap. This works fine in the office or at home but if you are like us and need to use your macbook while traveling, the heat can become quite annoying at the least.

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