Can’t Transfer Large Files to LaCie External Drive

I picked up a LaCie Little Disk 320GB hard drive to store some files I’d previously had on my iPod Classic.  I have several large data files that are upwards of 8GB.  When I went to transfer one of these over, the transfer failed at about 4GB with the following error message:

“Sorry, the operation could not be completed because an unexpected error occurred (Error code -1309)”
After trying several times, I started looking at what might be wrong with the drive.  Turns out the drive comes formatted from the store as FAT32 which has a file limitation of 4GB.  I assumed that since I bought the drive from the Apple Store (stupid assumption), that it would be formatted for the Mac out of the box.
The fix was simple in case you ever run into this.  In fact, it’s a good practice to reformat any external drives or data storage devices prior to using them just to be safe.  Here are the steps:
  2. Launch Disk Utility, select the external drive you want to reformat in the left hand column.
  3. Go to the Erase tab, set the drop down menu to the file system you want to use (Mac OS Extended…), then click Erase.
  4. Your new external drive will be ready to use.

iPhone – The Cabbage Patch Doll of Our Time

When I was just a kid, one of my siblings asked for a Cabbage Patch doll for a gift. I remember my dad running around like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All The Way, trying to find that ugly little thing, and probably aging 5 years in process. I’m catching glimpses of that fiasco every time I call the local AT&T shops and Apple Stores asking about iPhone availability.

I think I’ve finally given in, and let our AT&T business rep order one for me. Expected delivery time: up to 21 days. All because I was camping out, instead of camping out. I honestly would not have expected the 3G iPhone to be a bigger, and quicker seller than the first gen version — many people I knew were planning on NOT upgrading, but apparently many were, and many first time buyers stepped up.

Perhaps the rep will come through with a surprise, otherwise, in about three weeks I’ll do an unboxing….ugh.


Living In The iPhone Void

Last Thursday, July 10…”iPhone Eve,” I tossed my sleeping bag and tent into the ol’ rig and set off to camp out. No, I wasn’t camping out for the iPhone, I was literally camping out — trees, lake, bugs — the whole nine yards. I had a previous commitment that turned out to be on the same weekend as the V2 release, and couldn’t join in on all the hoopla for the new version when it came out.

Last year I was one of the first couple of people in our town to get an iPhone. I brought down my RV and we played Halo and Guitar Hero all night long, got in the local paper, had friends bringing down food and drinks — really made a party out of it. This year, nada. My camp out buddies from last year went down at 5 am the day of, got in a then-short line, and walked out with iPhones.

During a lull in the camp out this year, I headed into a fairly large town around noon, only to find out that this years iPhone was actually a bigger seller than last years. Apple has reported that it’s sold 1 million iPhones over the weekend, whereas last year it took 74 days to accomplish the same goal. I could have told you that…because there are NO phones to be had around here. Checking in daily since I got back from my trip…ugh:

They had black 8gb iPhones available yesterday, but I’m fairly set on the white 16gb model, so here I sit, in an iPhone 3G void. All is not lost though, I have been enjoying the V2 update for the V1 iPhone mentioned in the previous post. I still have the beta version, and I think it’s acting a little funky, but downloading and playing around with stuff from the iPhone App Store is keeping me entertained while I wait.

Anyone else still waiting, waiting, waiting?


Standing in line for an iPhone v2?

A buddy of mine asked me recently if I was going to stand in line for the new iPhone v2 on the day they came out. I hadn’t really thought much about it. The release of the first iPhone last year was an all day event for myself, my family and several friends, but I’m not so sure about this time around.

I thought I’d ask…Anyone planning on standing in line for the latest version of the iPhone next week?


Apple MacBook, MacBook Pros

MacBook Pros

After a day with leaked product numbers showing up across different websites, the fairly obvious rumor has finally come true.  The Macbook Pro has been updated as well as the regular Macbook.  While no new form factor or eye catching changes, the Macbook Pro now includes a multi-touch trackpad and has benefited from increases in processor speed and more powerful graphics chips.  Of note, the apple remote is no longer included and is to be purchased seperately.  Head over to the apple store for more.



Replace MacBook Screen – A Tutorial

A client of mine sent me a MacBook with a broken screen. It was his daughter’s computer, and she had accidentally broken the screen. I told him I couldn’t help him repair the screen, and he should look to Apple to make the repair for him. I turns out that the repair is 90% of the cost of the computer itself.

He decided to buy a new MacBook, and asked me to transfer the data from old computer, to new. I agreed, and for my services, I inherited a new MacBook; albeit one without a usable screen. We here at Tweak pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve when it comes to DIY attitudes (especially with computers). So, I consulted with some of the other editors about my dilemma.

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The New iMac

As soon as the announcement was made, and the Apple Store re-opened, we purchased one of the new iMacs released last Tuesday, August 7. We got the 24″ model with 2GB of RAM and a 2.4GHz dual core processor. It’s funny to see the same speed processors as what we were buying 5 years ago, even if the are dual core.

I am the editor that suggested that Apple would delay release of the new iMac until after Leopard was released. I also suggested that the brushed aluminum look was being phased out. It appears I was dead wrong on both counts.

The new iMac supports an upgraded intel chipset (Santa Rosa -based) as well as a higher maximum RAM capacity. The new machine boasts a quasi-retro brushed aluminum look with an exceptionally glossy display. There has been plenty of talk that the new display is too glossy, but we disagree: It is stunningly beautiful.

To get a better idea of what most folks would be buying, we decided to get a machine more closely aligned with most of our readers budgets. So, we set a price ceiling of $2,150 to purchase a new iMac, and test it. We opted for the 2.4 GHz machine with 2GB of 667MHz RAM. The smallest HD a consumer can buy these days is a whopping 320GB SATA HD! Needless to say, we didn’t feel like we were buying a budget machine, even though we purchased toward the lower end of he 24″ iMac spectrum.

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Keep Your Macbook Cooler

The increased power of the newer mackbooks can cause them to get pretty hot on your lap when working. Because of this many people resort to only working with their macbook on a desk or resting it on a pillow on their lap. This works fine in the office or at home but if you are like us and need to use your macbook while traveling, the heat can become quite annoying at the least.

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Free Macbook, Powerbook, iBook Repair Guides

Mackbook Pro Repair has a whole series of repair manuals for most of the latest notebooks Apple has released. Next time you need to replace a hardrive, airport card, keyboard, speaker, superdrive or even the logic board check them out. The repair manuals are well written and organized and include many high quality photos illustrating the steps to removing and/or replacing hardware on you Macbook, Powerbook, iBook or other Apple notebook. Just select your notebook type in the dropdown and download the manual free of charge.