Apple intros 2GB iPod shuffle for $69, drops 1GB to $49

The title of this post says it all. Apple had introduced a 2GB iPod Shuffle this morning for $69 and reduced the price of the 1GB version to $49. As my favorite little MP3 player, I will be heading our to my Apple store to grab one of these, since I happened to have left mine in a pocket for the wash :(
  My workouts will be filled with music once again!


Fix My iPod

This is just too funny. Fix my iPod!

Fix My iPod at YouTube


Spaces in Front Row, Apple TV?

I can see this one being quite interesting and useful. Spaces could provide some very interesting features to the Apple TV and Front Row. Read the full story at MacNN.

MacNN | The Macintosh News Network wrote:

Patent hints at Spaces in Front Row, Apple TV

Apple has filed for a patent that could retrofit its Spaces feature for use with Front Row and Apple TV. The application, filed on January 7th, is the second patent revealed on February 7th relating to a potential future feature set for Apple TV. One block diagram shows an example of an architecture for generation and use of spaces in a display…


Apple Releases Apple TV ‘Take 2′ Update

Apple has released the Take 2 update for the Apple TV today without much fanfare. This has been eagerly anticipated since it’s mention at MacWorld. You can update your AppleTV through the device itself. Please leave comments and thoughts on your experience with the new software below!


Apple Releases Aperture 2

Apple has announced the release of Aperture 2. This comes as an unexpected suprise to the TweakOSX team. Aperture is our favorite photo management software and is extremely powerful and easy to use for photo correction. The release adds over 100 new features, many which we have been hoping would appear in Aperture. Too many to list here, they include Highlight Recovery, Definition, Vibrancy, and Vignette image tools, a new UI, 50 new tutorials, and many more. To find out whats new, check out the new features page at apple. If you purchased recently (between Jan. 1, 2008 and Mar. 14, 2008), there is a small upgrade fee of $9.95, for everyone else, the price now stands at $199, thanks Apple!


NetNewsWire Now Free

nnw.jpgBig news today from News Gator.  Our all time favorite RSS reader for the Mac, NetNewsWire, is now free.  If you have not tried out NetNewsWire in the past due to its cost, now is your chance.  This is, in our opinion, one of the must have Mac applications.  Download it today!  Oh and did we mention, you now get the News Gator Online account which syncs with NetNewsWire for free as well.


Adium Releases Update

Free, open-source chat client Adium has released a new version complete with a large assortment of bug-fixes and new features. Adium happens to be one of our all time favorite programs here at TweakOSX. Be sure to dowload and install this one!


News Roundup: Utlra-Portable, iPhone Re-locked, Fastest Vista Notebook

Rumors are swirling today about a pending launch of an “Ultra-Portable” Notebook at Macworld in January. This rumor is gaining traction on news that Apple has placed a massive order for 13inch LED backlight units. Read more at MacRumors .

A German court has overturned the temporary injunction issued against T-Mobile requiring it to sell unlocked iPhones in Germany. Engadget has the story.

Apple has also launched a new Mac and PC Guy ad entitled “Misprint” in which the PC Guy asks how a Mac could be the fastest Vista notebook tested this year. The ad is great, however I do find it amusing that the latest online ad featured the “give up vista” tagline and now this ad promotes the Mac’s ability to run Vista. View it at YouTube.