Taking Your Business To The Macs

As computers become more and more prevalent in our world, more and more business are relying on computers to completely run and maintain records for their business. While Windows and PCs have previously dominated business offices and company with their computers, many are switching to Macbooks for personal and business use. But how easy is it to switch over from Windows or PC to your Macbooks? What are the snags and hold ups that might occur when trying to make the transition?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of moving your business to the Mac. We’ll examine different software and tools that can make it easier or harder, and gain insight and input from you, the reader.

One of the biggest differences between Macs and PCs, especially in relationship to business, is the operating system. PCs use the world-wide familiar Windows Operating system, while Macs use a new and innovative, Leopard OS X. Many other posts on this site talk extensively about Leopard OS X, but in relationship to you and your business, how different are the operating systems?  Apple has delivered more than a thousand new features in Leopard OS X over the last seven years and is working to improve performance and there is talk about launching an operating system known as OS X Snow Leopard.

There are important questions to ask when considering moving your business to a Mac. What do you use your computer for in your business? Internet surfing, email, purchasing, record keeping, account information, payroll ? Are the employees in your company computer literate enough to make the transition with you? How much training will it take? What software is available and how much will it cost? Would a move to a Mac pay off in the long run? We will explore these questions and others in the next few weeks.

Part of our research and discussion will involve you, the reader. Gaining insight and input from you will be pivotal to our exploration. Have you attempted to move your business over? What did you experience? What were some of the more difficult issues and how did Mac make the transition easier? Your input is needed and valued.

Check out a guided tour and learn more about the basic operating system of the Macs at Apple and in the upcoming days and weeks we will launch an investigating into the realistic idea of taking your business to the macs!


Apple Sues Mac Clone Maker Psystar…FINALLY

It’s been a long time coming…and I know this isn’t exactly breaking news for anyone following Mac/Apple related news topics, but I had to comment.  I can’t believe how long it’s taken for Psystar to get slapped by Apple for stepping on Apple’s hardware toes.  The interesting thing is, based on what I’m reading, this doesn’t appear to be as much about the EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) breach, as about trademark and copyright infringement.  Here’s a link to the initial source we found the news at:

The Gray Blog – “Apple Goes After Clone Maker Psystar”

Personally, I like the idea of Mac clones.  Although I wasn’t a big fan of the clones in the late 80′s, now that we’re on Intel processors, the hardware options become a lot more interesting.  This could end up being a huge boost for the Apple OS and it’s market penetration if they open up licensing at some point.  I’m certainly not saying I don’t like Apple hardware, it rocks.  But I always cringe a bit at the cost of their more robust systems.  Course “cringe a bit” doesn’t prevent me from actually ponying up the bucks to buy a high end system.


Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta Updated

For those of you who have been running into the annoying warning that the last beta release of Remote Desktop Connection for Mac has expired, Microsoft decided to bless us with an updated release yesterday.  You can download it here.  The new release promises to last until the first official release.  The site was down at times yesterday but seems to have been available throughout the day today.


Customizing Leopard: Add Screen Sharing Features

Along with Quick Look, the new Leopard feature I use most is the built in Screen Sharing. Screen Sharing is accessible in Leopard through several different paths including iChat and Finder. My favorite way, however, is to access the System/Library/Core Services folder, and drag a shortcut to Screen Sharing down to my Dock.

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Customizing Leopard: Add Folder and Zip Viewing to Quicklook

Quick Look has quickly become one of my favorite additions to OS X in Leopard. If you are like me, you find yourself scrolling through directories and using the space bar quite often. I even find myself watching movies and listening to songs using Quick Look. One of the best things Apple did in designing Quick Look, was to make it easily expandable through extensions. Read the rest of this entry »


Customizing Leopard: The Dock

dockfront.jpgAfter using Leopard for the past week and resisting the urge to “play”, I finally gave in and began messing with some of my Dock settings. These leopard tweaks and hints have appeared several places and this is our experience with them.

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Quicksilver is now Open Source

quicksilver103107.jpgOne of our favorite applications, Quicksilver has gone open source. This move has been rumored for a while now and it is good to see it come to fruition. The project is released as a Google Code Project. With Quicksilver being so powerful, the TweakOSX team can only imagine the possibilities for the future of this code base as well as added stability and faster development from a sure to be devoted community.


Mini How-To: Remove the Windows BSOD icon in Leopard

Engadget Mini How-To: Remove the Windows BSOD icon in Leopard
Engadget has a Mini How-To posted on removing the Windows BSOD icon from Leopard. If you are not aware of the icon, take a look at the article. We must say, we find it rather amusing but do see it as a bit of a slap shot.

(Via Engadget.)


Leopard Sells 2 Million Copies During First Weekend

Reports across the web are coming in with sales of Leopard pushing 2 million copies during its first weekend of sales. While not unexpected, this number seems to be further evidence of the growing Mac user base. We would be very interested to know the breakdown of copies bundled with new hardware and stand alone copies. We know several people who were holding off on upgrading hardware for the release of the new OS. What about you?

30 Get Rid of the Glass Dock in Leopard Get Rid of the Glass Dock in Leopard: If you don’t like the glass dock in Leopard you can change it with a few simple lines in Terminal. Check out this tip to learn how!