Sims 2 Open For Business Expansion Pack Review

With the Sims 2 Open For Business Expansion Pack, you get more add ons for the game. You can get new outfits, hairstyles, wallpapers, floors, and other things to make your store more enjoyable for your visitors.

In this game you can create your own shops and your sims can buy the stores and hire workers to run their shop. You can set what you want your worker’s uniforms to look like, how much you want to pay them, and if you want to fire them.

Some examples of stores are salons, toy stores, and restaurant.


Sims 2 Holiday Expansion Pack Review

On the Sims 2 Holiday Expansion Pack, you have an add on in the game. The add on includes things like different outfits, hats, and decorations. However, the Holiday Expansion Pack only includes 2 holidays: Christmas and Halloween.

With Christmas, you can get your family ready with decorations, Christmas trees, and decorative and festive wallpaper. You can even throw a New Years party for your sims and friends to enjoy. There are only certain days you can throw parties for New Years/Christmas. When you do decide to throw a party, Santa Claus will come to your house and leave presents under your tree for your sims to enjoy in the morning.

For Halloween, there are only simple decorations. No party, no trick or treating, just decorations.

Christmas was the big focus for this expansion pack.


Sims 2 Review: A 14 year old’s evaluation

Sims 2 is one of the most addicting games I have ever played. You can create your own person and customize every small detail about them (makeup, facial features, shape of face, ect.). Once you have created your family, you can also create your own house.

If you have never played, I don’t suggest reading the guide. Its a pretty easy game to figure out. The pictures and labels for building and customizing your own house makes it pathetically easy to build. If you want to take it a step further, you can create your own neighborhood by creating houses and shops for your sims to enjoy.

One of the most important features to this game is the sims themselves. Keeping them happy, fed, and making sure they don’t get sick can get tricky. Make sure your sim doesn’t die by always checking their needs. Make sure all their needs are always full green bars, or else your sim may die or become sick.

Another important feature is money. Your sim needs a job so you have money for food, bathroom/kitchen appliances, some sort of entertainment so the fun meter doesn’t drop, and a bed to sleep on. Those are the most basic things to have on this game and also the most important.