Pope urged to make meaningful apology, ‘I don’t see what is wrong’ with Modi


Pope urged to make meaningful apology, ‘I don’t see what is wrong’ with Modi

A prominent Indian scholar says India has lost i엠카지노ts head on what he considers unfair and misplaced criticism of Narendra Modi.

A day after being elected India’s prime minister, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a lengthy speech that was criticised by a number of leaders and scholars including Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

“We want an apology to the Indian people for the criticism,” said Prakash Javadekar, who is president of the Centre for India Studies at the Indian Institute of Science. “That means I don’t see what is wrong with India-India relationship.”

The BJP-ruled parliament recently passed the controversial anti-incumbency bill to rein in the government if it fails to implement a key economic agenda.

“I would strongly urge Mr Modi to make meaningful apology and to make a significant political commitment to repair this terrible impression that he has caused,” Mr Javadekar told the Thomson Reuters Foundation from New Delhi.

“I think in the past I have read that Mr Modi has never apologized for anything he has done… to the Indian nation. Is he going to do the sam바카라e as a prime minister, and is he going to give some sort of clear explanation, an apology, about the criticism we have been receiving from him?”

Mr Javadekar says he has heard only silence from Indian leaders from Mr Modi about how his party, once its leader, has been perceived.

“I do hope that Prime Minister Modi will acknowledge the need to repair the negative impression that he has caused over the past few days,” he said.

Mr Modi, who won general elections last May, and his party have been widely criticised in recent years for their divisive policies on India.

He has promised a new vision for India that promises better development and is expected to overhaul the electoral system and the judicial system.

Critics also say he has made little progress in delivering on a commitment to improve the lives of farmers.

In response to the criticism, Mr Modi told the country’s media: “It is un건마fortunate the public wants to make fun of our policies and to create negativity in the nation.”

However, he also told India’s television news channels that India-India relations is improving.


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