Police urge caution along albany coastline


Police urge caution along albany coastline

Police have urged residents along the Albany coastline to remain calm in the wake of the violent unrest that erupted on the night of Aug. 10.

Several fires were started across New York City late Saturday and early Sunday, which sparked panic and fueled looting. More than 100 people have been arrested and police say more arrests are possible.

According to The Associated Press, police cordoned off several streets and stopped residents in Westchester, Westchester County, Rockland and Nassau counties, in an effort to prevent looting and violence.

Hampden police said they’re working to track down people involved in looting.

Meanwhile, state police issued a red alert early Sunday, stating that violent and dangerous confrontations were breaking out. All road closures, including the Upper Manhattan Bridge and East River bridges and the Lower Manhattan Expressway, were temporarily suspended.

Some of those at the scene said they were terrified.

“Somebody is running into the st빅 카지노reet, throwing rocks at cars; they’re getting in the drivers’ faces,” said Anthony DeLuca, 19. “I got a camera and I’m filming because you can see people jumping on the ground and throwing stuff, but the police officers aren’t doing anything.”

Downtown New York, in the neighborhood of West 26th Street in Midwood, is under a curfew because of the unrest. There were reports of smoke bombs and a man who said he was fired upon, but no injuries were reported, police said.

Breece resident Thomas Shultz said he is worried for the welfare of his kids.

“People are running for their lives,” Shultz told CNN affiliate WCBS. “There’s an entire corner of Brooklyn that’s on lockdown and police are standing outside waiting for a mob.”

Meanwhile, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio issued a statement condemning th세종출장마사지e violence, warning that it’s “not 에스엠 카지노something we’ll tolerate in the future.”

De Blasio said he supports New York’s response in this case.


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