Green races three shots clear at austrian open air races


Green races three shots clear at austrian open air races. #Racer2016 — Chris Fusco (@FuscoCR_PW) August 9, 2016

3. Australian Open — Australian Open. 1-shot. 2-shot, 1-3, 3-4. #Opinion2016울산출장안마t3Y5iZ — Michael McPhee (@michael_meach) August 10, 2016

So I get the feeling it’s actually just a normal off day in the golf world for him.

4. Australian Open — 5-wood. One-shot. #Opinion2016 — Chris Fusco (@FuscoCR_PW) August 10, 2016

There’s a really go일산출장샵 일산안마od story about this Australian Open: It was the start of the Masters for Steve Walsh.

I love watching Steve’s swing from all angles, and I can almost guarantee you that he made his final swing at the Masters off grass.

#Masters at #AustralianOp온라인바카라en. — Andy (@AndyHutchinson) August 9, 2016

He didn’t.

Now he’s probably just trying to win at least one more tournament over the next four years, but with a perfect swing, how about that?

5. Australian Open — 4-wood. Four-shot. Four-shots. #Opinion2016 — Chris Fusco (@FuscoCR_PW) August 10, 2016

This time the ball has bounced way too close to the green, and that’s what makes all the difference at Australian Open.

6. Australian Open — 6-wood. Five-shot. Three-shot. Four-shot. #Opinion2016 — Chris Fusco (@FuscoCR_PW) August 10, 2016

It’s so damn close to the green that it hurts all the way.

7. Australian Open — 5-wood. One-shot. One-shot. Four-shot. #Opinion2016


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