Solid Gold iPad Worth The Exclusivity Factor?


customized gold ipadI guess one of the problems I’m likely to never have to worry about in my lifetime is having too much money. You know, the kind of “stupid money” that enables a person to buy not just the latest gadget, but a SOLID GOLD version of the latest gadget.

For those of you wealthy individuals that are having your butler read blogs like TweakOSX.com to you (come on, you don’t think those people actually read for themselves do you?!), you’re in luck. Camaél London has an offering you’re sure to find enticing for all that not so hard earned money you have lining your pockets. It’s a Solid Gold iPad.

You have your choice of a number of solid gold choices to choose from, and can even further customize your iPad with additional gems for the extra special feel. The company’s courier service will personally deliver your iPad to you in a custom made presentation box along with a certificate of authenticity. The cost, just £89,999, or about $150,000.

Let’s do a little comparison for the rest of us lower rent district citizens:

Solid Gold iPad or a Porsche 911 Turbo S

Solid Gold iPad or 300 regular iPads

Solid Gold iPad or a reasonably nice house in most parts of the country

Solid Gold iPad or 3061 iPod Shuffles

Solid Gold iPad or 6 2011 Toyota Prius cars

Solid Gold iPad or 5 Mac Pros, 10 Apple 27″ LED Monitors, 5 15″ MacBook Pros, 10 11″ MacBook Airs, 10 13″ MacBook Airs, 5 17″ MacBook Pros, 20 iPod Shuffles, 15 iPod Nanos, 25 iPod Classics, 15 iPod Touches, 10 iPad 2′s, and 36 iMac 27″ers

What’s interesting is they’re modifying the original iPad instead of the iPad 2 model. Seems like a behind the times offering.

I have to wonder how many of these they’ll actual sell, or how many they even project to sell.

[Image & Source: LuxuryLaunches]

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