Apple Got Me…Again

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I really had no intention of buying an iPad on Saturday. My plan was to wait for the 3G version thinking the built in connection to AT&T would come in handy. Well, Saturday came and something happened around mid-afternoon. One of my kids asked, “Dad, are we getting an iPad today?” which led to game over. It was like the unseen Apple gods had flipped a switch in my Apple psyche and I started dialing for iPads.

I tried two different Apple Stores, both of which were either out or almost out. I tried several Best Buys. No luck. Then…JACKPOT!!! What I assumed to be the busiest Apple Store in Portland reported having all three models in stock with barely a line. They closed at 8:00pm and I got there at around 7:30pm. After less than 5 minutes in line, not even enough time to partake in the snacks they had out for customers waiting to get into the store, I was introduced to my Apple sales guru and ushered into iPad-land.

I opted to skip all of the hands on fluff and just buy. I was out of the store, iPad in hand, less than 10 minutes later. Don’t know if it’s true, but a couple of the store employees mentioned the iPad allotment to their store was based on the number of pre-orders that were to be received in the same location. They had a counter full of iPads left when I walked out at near the end of the day on Saturday.

So, why did I break down and get an iPad on Saturday? There were 3 big things that swung me to accelerated purchasing:

1. New Apple Toy Envy – This is probably why I buy just about anything new Apple comes out with. They just make sweet gear. Having something THE DAY it comes out from Apple is like going to see a highly anticipated movie at midnight on the day of it’s release. It’s just plain fun and all your friends envy you.

2. Wifi/Non-3G Version – After committing to the 3G version, I decided that that WiFi version of the iPad actually made more sense. I already have a Sprint Overdrive that gives me both 3G and 4G service (on Clear’s network), so in most areas I’ll use an iPad, I will actually have faster service than if I had the built in 3G service from AT&T. Not to mention I won’t be saddled with another $30/mo in fees. The Overdrive fits in a pocket, is a no brainer to use and acts a personal hot spot, so it will be only slightly less handy than having the service built into the iPad. Also, it’s just rare anymore that I’m not in a spot with WiFi of some sort.

3. Cost Savings – The WiFi version is cheaper and I’m now saving $30/month on service fees. How often can you be an early adopter and actually SAVE money?! Hey, I didn’t say all 3 reasons for impulse buying were solid.

In the end, I really have no complaints. Even when my wife said, “So what exactly are you going to do with it?” That’s actually part of the fun of the iPad in my opinion…figuring out what you’re going to do with it.

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  1. I bought my WiFi only version ealry, not wanting to deal with the AT&T B.S. I am seldom anywhere without free wireless access. I think I wont miss the 3G at all, especially when the company starts sending out MiFi units to all of us remote-worker staff (They are uneasy about the employees using customer netowrks for internal mail access, etc.)

    My wife was the same way! She stopped yb Best Buy to find out how many of the Apple cases they were expecting before luanch. The sales guy was “all secretive and would not tell me about the cases” she complained. Then a post on her blog about “not understaning all the hype!”

    Now, I get home and she puts her hand out for it! I will be buying another one before Christmas, I think!!!

    haymoose says...
    May 3rd, 2010 at 8:34 pm
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