How Is Apple On The Environment?

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One of the greatest concerns in the age of technology is the affect that these amazing inventions will have on the health of human beings and the world that we live in. So how does a company like Apple, which is so vast and broadsweeping, do when it comes to taking care of the environment and people?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or sometimes USEPA) is an agency of the federal government of the United States charged to regulate chemicals and protect human health by safeguarding the natural environment: air, water, and land.  It monitors companies and other agencies to ensure that businesses in the U.S. are seeking to keep people and the natural environment safe.  According to MacObserver, “The EPA rates Apple Computer highest amongst producers of notebook computers, and fairly well compared to producers of desktop computers and LCD displays.”

Other organizations however, such as GreenPeace, have scored Apple low on their environmental care scale. They claim that, “Despite being a leader in innovation and design,” the non-profit organization said, “Apple has made absolutely no improvements to its policies or practices since the ranking was first released three months ago.”

So which is it? Is Apple a leader in environmental care or a deceitful international company that destroys the earth and humans while making money from them? Is GreenPeace target large corporations simply to bring them down and is the EPA turning a blind eye to the issues with Apple?

I would say that most likely the answer is, ‘Yes’. Somewhere in the middle, Apple is both having a negative effect on our environment and seeking to better it. This is where we, the consumers, play an integral role. It is the spending and living choices that we make that determine how companies like Apple reac to environmental issues. It is the suggestions that we make and the way in which we ‘speak with our wallet’ that shape the policies of these major companies.

At the risk of sounding optimistic and democratic, the consumer system is based on serving the needs of individuals and their spending habits. Therefore, if you and I are seeking to buy products and support companies that are environmentally minded, and are informed as to what that means, then perhaps we have a chance at keeping companies like Apple and others accountable.

Its something to think about.

What do you think?

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    March 4th, 2010 at 6:42 pm
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