The Evolution of iTunes


In 9 years we have seen possibly one of the greatest transitions in music media history. In 2001, Apple debuted their new product, iTunes, a place to store and organize your music on your computer. 8 years later, Apple has rolled out iTunes 09, a program that has advanced and improved music and media to a whole new level. iTunes has moved to a product that handles music, movies, TV shows, music videos, podcasts, audiobooks, iPhone applications, iPod games, ringtones, and Internet radio. It supports purchasing, renting, and importing. It manages iPods, iPhones, and the Apple TV. It coordinates the syncing of contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, mail accounts, and even photos. And it manages wireless streaming to remote AirPort and Apple TV units. This is a long list of features and the updates are growing as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Event of last week introduced new features that have been on wish lists for some time now. Here’s a look at a few updates:

-Trying To Get The Interface Right-One of the most difficult parts of any program is getting it to interact properly with its users. iTunes is trying again with new ways to explain how to get music if you don’t have any, as well as easier ways to categorize and browse the music and movies that you do have.

-Working with the iPhone-is one of the newest features that iTunes promotes. When you select the Applications item in the iTunes sidebar, you can now view your purchased iPhone apps in list, grid or Cover Flow mode. But the most exciting part of the iTunes/iPhone relationship is the chance to control the new tools for managing what gets synced to your iPhone or iPod touch and how those apps are organized on the device.

-Syncing new music-iTunes 9 also improves the options for choosing which media are synced to your iPhones and iPods. For example, the Music tab now lets you choose to sync any combination of playlists (Genius mixes and playlists included), artists, and genres. So, for example, you can easily copy just your favorite three playlists, along with everything by your favorite band, and all tracks classified as Alternative; there’s even a search field for the Artists list to make it easier to find particular artists.

Check out macworld for more on the iTunes9 updates.

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