The Smell of Books Slowly Disappearing


Books are fun to read, but they’re even more fun to smell. I love heading into libraries or old book stores and smelling the richness of history and adventure. The smells of tales told over the centuries, of poetry and prose, mystery and drama, psychology and world thought. What will happen to the smell of books as the world continues to move faster and faster into the world of technology. Companies like Barnes and Nobles are attempting to break into this world of technology and make a profit by promoting ebooks.

“Monday, we got the first insights to Barnes’ digital strategy with the company’s two-prong announcement of the Barnes & Noble eBookstore and its e-book reader plans—including the company’s partnership with Plastic Logic to produce an e-book device. The eBookstore, launched Monday, offers 700,000 titles according to Barnes & Noble’s press release, but in a conference call after the release went out, Barnes & Noble clarified that it includes Google’s 500,000 free public domain books as part of that number.”

Barnes and Nobles competes against Amazon and its new ebook reader the Kindle. Barnes and Nobles alliance with Plastic gives it the opportunity to challenge Amazon.

So what will happen to those dusty old libraries that breathe history and adventure? Will they instead be contained in our computers and cell phones? Will the adventures be the same, the drama have its power? Is it the words on the page or the media that presents it? It will be fun to watch this new breed of technology blossom in our quickly growing world. I hope that the love of reading and culture of books will never best lost.

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