CPR iPhone Apps Could Save A Life



The iPhone has come out with a new app giving users aid on first aid. CPR Buddy and other iPhone apps provide a handy way to refresh a memory that’s gone blank in the face of an emergency or to provide first-aid knowledge you never thought you’d need.

So often in emergency situations people struggle with remembering what to do in those situations. The iPhone can once again come to the rescue and provide audio and informational clues as to how to respond. MacWorld reviews four different iPhone apps on CPR and First Aid.

My favorite is the ResQr First Aid and CPR Coach from Think Safe. It “is a great layperson’s tool for emergency situations. The navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen let someone look up CPR instructions, call 911, look up the nearest emergency room, or get quick instructions on treating injuries.

When you click the $6 app’s Injury button, a graphic, color-coded group of icons comes up—again, perfect for helping panicky people find the information they need quickly. Once the user clicks on the injury category—Breathing, Choking, Drowning, for example—the software asks yes and no questions (“Is the victim breathing?”) and displays treatment instructions depending on the input. This is a great way to walk people through performing unfamiliar tasks in stressful situations.

Any reference work can be puzzled through when the user is calm; a portable first-aid guide needs to provide information to its users in the middle of stressful situations. ResQr First Aid and CPR Coach is a reference guide that Red Cross card-carriers and rookies alike can appreciate.”

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