What’s Your Method of Communication?



We live in a world that is intricately connected. Due to technology there are thousands of ways that we stay informed and connected to the world and people around us. From Yahoo to Google, the iPhone to the Web, we have information at our fingertips like no generation ever has had before us. So in an age where there are so many options, how do we pick and choose the methods that work for us to communicate? Is there a pattern or trend that dictates how we communicate or in what form? In what way does the media factor into our communication decisions?

Undoubtedly, new advancements play an important part in how we communicate. Technology is constantly improving and creating more efficient and easy opportunities for us to communicate. Text messaging and tweets provide multiple opportunities for simultaneous communication and status updates on facebook allow us to tell all of our thousands of friends what we are doing in an instant.

The Media also plays a role in how we communicate. Movies and commercials displaying iPhone use or certain types of cellphones or bluetooths influence our consumer choices. Word of mouth from friends on particular products and their reliability and functionality also influence in what ways we communicate.

Jobs and professions also affect our methods of communication. I recently took a graduate class that required me to tweet at least three times a week on twitter. My other job as allows me to communicate with students through facebook and text, as this is the fastest and most accessible way to advertise and reach students.

So with all of the factors that influence our methods of communication, what methods do you prefer? Which do you use to communicate the moments of your life and why do you think that is? We are very curious what you think. Let us know your method in the comments section of this post.

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