Apple Computers Exempt From Filter in China…Or Are They?



A recent article at MacWorld states that the program, Green Dam Youth Escort, that blocks pornography and some sensitive political content online, is being bundled with PCs and with all computers sold in the country.

However, no Apple software program comparable to Green Dam has been created and Apple computers are not being bundled with the program. Lenovo will ship the software only with “applicable” PCs, meaning those that support Windows and other technical requirements, the spokesman said. Lenovo PCs that use Linux will not come with the program, he said.

Apple will still pre-install the program in accordance with the government mandate if a Mac version comes out, the sales representative said.

The Green Dam program raises issues of security and filters within the Chinese government and its people. China works hard to monitor its apparent problem with pornography, as well as controlling, politically sensitive material, but at what point does freedom and filtering meet and who decides the standards? Could the filters be used to control media or block news that is harmful to China’s government? Is their any oversight committee protecting the rights of the Chinese people, or is our American concept of ‘freedom’ foreign to the developing world power? We’re curious what you think. Let us know in the comments section.

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