Welcome to Apple, How Can We Help You?



The mac/pc commercials are growing in popularity and comedic ability, and a recent study illuminates that the public relations and customer service of Apple is also becoming improved and more popular than its competitor, the pc.

According to macworld, “Vocal Laboratories has published the results of a study that shows Apple leads other PC makers in telephone-based tech support. The study said that 58 percent of Apple customers reported that they were “very satisfied” with the results of their call, compared to 46 percent of Dell customers and 43 percent of HP customers.

The study determined that customers of each company were “generally satisfied” with hold times, the ease with which they reached a person, and the professionalism of the customer service personnel with whom they worked.

But Apple shone when it came to actually solving the problem, compared to the competition—53 percent of Apple customers reported their problem had been resolved on the call, while 45 percent of Dell customers and 39 percent of HP customers reported the same.

The Vocal Laboratories study featured 1,147 consumers surveyed immediately following a support call. The results cover the year ending May 31, 2009.”

Apple is continuing to strive to be the best in the industry, and they understand that customer service is a key component to its success. During my time working as a Best Buy Customer Service Representative, there were many times where I noticed that customers chose products based on how well they thought they worked. And some of the older, less technologically experienced customers were very concerned about how effective the help lines were going to be in helping them with computer related issues. Knowing that Apple is working hard on its effectiveness over the phone will continue to improve the marketability to the wider consumer population.

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