Hit it OOTP (out of the park) this Summer



If yesterdays post about TrailRunner and getting outside and enjoying the weather by exercising didn’t motivate, then perhaps you are content with chilling inside this summer. If you are, check out OOTP X by Apple. OOTP gives you a chance to manage a baseball team through all the ups and downs of a Major League Season.

From March to October, you can draft players, negotiate contracts, keep statistics and manage the team, adjust lineups and make trades. This interactive and extensive game is updated from the previous OOTP 9.

Out of the Park Baseball X allows you to easily import leagues from OOTP 9 and versions 6.5 or 6.12. (To import files from other versions, use the demo version of OOTP 9 to convert a file to that format, and then import that file into version X.) Improvements found in the latest edition lead off with revamped artificial intelligence and even better play-by-play, complete with thousands of new lines of play description.

Next up is a redesigned pitching system that features individual pitch ratings and a reworked endurance system. Now pitchers can improve certain pitches or lose effectiveness with others, forcing you to modify their approach. Injuries are also more realistic, with the possibility that players will suffer setbacks during their recovery, and each minor league team now has its own disabled list too.

During games, you can customize what you see by activating the widgets option and moving the information boxes around the screen. Between games and seasons, salary arbitration and free agent compensation have been adjusted so they more closely parallel what happens in real life, where players can make salary demands and teams can agree to the terms or ask an arbitrator to make a decision. Free agency can complicate those situations, and that’s reflected in OOTP X too.

There’s plenty more for baseball aficionados to enjoy, including the ability to enter player statistics and automatically convert them into ratings, improvements to the look and feel of the interface, performance enhancements to the game speed, and more.

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