Peak Under the Hood of the iPhone 3G S



Over at Nanotech we’re getting a sneak preview of the inner workings of the new iPhone 3G S. The phone that claims to download apps faster and connect to the Web faster than any other iPhone before it.

Rapid Repair said Thursday night that the 3G S uses a 600MHz Samsung processor based on the ARM Cortex A8 design. The iPhone also integrates a PowerVR SGX graphics chip from Imagination Technologies, according to Rapid Repair.

This, not surprisingly, beats the now-obsoleted iPhone 3G (sans “S”), which uses an older ARM design–that runs at about 400MHz–and a prior-generation graphics chip.

CNET Reviews has validated Apple’s speed claims, saying “for most native applications that don’t depend on a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, the iPhone 3G S was consistently faster.”

The review continues: “The iPhone 3G S opened the iPod player almost 5 seconds faster, and it was much quicker at loading some notoriously slow apps. For example, Bejewled 2, which can take up to 12 seconds to load on the iPhone 3G, started in just 5 seconds on the 3G S.”

And: “The iPhone 3G S also started up much quicker than the iPhone 3G–we were up and running in 26 seconds instead of 50 seconds.”

The Palm Pre also uses a Cortex A8 application processor from ARM and the PowerVR SGX graphics from Imagination.

These new specs are sure to prove interesting as the newest iPhone continues to build interest worldwide. As technology improves, it will be amazing to see where we go next.

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