Electronic Curse…Is it real?



There seemed to be some people in this world that just simply struggle with electronics. My dad has a phD and is a very intelligent man. But he can barely open email or check messages on his cell phone. Others seem to have electronics and tech stuff come naturally to them, as if they were born for this advanced age of science.

There are others, however, who are gifted and skilled with the electronic gifts, yet it seems that electronics have a grudge against them. Take for example, my two colleagues today at work. Both of them young, intelligent, tech-savvy individuals who spent the morning upgrading their iPhones. They both have the same computers, same software, same iPhone. So you can imagine the frustration of one of my colleagues, we’ll call him G, when his buddy, K, sitting next to him with the same phone and same set-up, got his iPhone uploaded within minutes of plugging in, and G, is sitting around waiting for his upgrades to come through. G experienced further frustration when all of a sudden his iPhone shut down and lost all information. It is at this point when we started to discuss his electronic curse. Could he be doomed by the tech-gods in the sky, somehow predestined to sit forever, staring blankly at his iPhone waiting for it to update? How does this curse choose its victims? Why some and not others?

Many people have experienced these types of curses, where electronics just don’t seem to work for us and we covet skills of those like Rebel, on the show Heroes, who apparently can talk to machines. In this amazing age of technological advances, could there be a stronger force at work, testing our will and patience with these amazing devices, reminding us that we are at the emotional whim of an inanimate object?

But as we discussed this curse and if it was real, the very moment G voiced his frustration, his iPhone updated and is working fine. So, perhaps, in the end, the curse is merely the impatience of a generation who is used to having everything right away and we need to slow down and give technology a chance to catch up. I guess we’ll never know.

What’s been your experience with the iPhone upgrades? Are you cursed? Let us know.

  1. Yup, got the phone working now! all 311 contacts are back in the phone. But, this makes me a little nervous going over seas now…

    G says...
    June 17th, 2009 at 3:55 pm
  2. Defiantly a curse I think someone should research. I have problems with EVERY thing I touch that is technology (and funny thing is I work with technology everyday at work, have to get new computers all the time), with crashing, re-starting by it’s self, laggy, or completely brakes. But when someone else does the exact same thing I did they have no problems on the same machine. Had a new phone and it would freeze when all it did was call and txt (never touched the internet), I dont treat them badly and if anything take more pro-cation then most people. From phones, to work computers, radios, etc. the things never work for me but do for others. Could be bogon energy or it could be a curse, I have made sure it wasn’t human error, it’s something beyond.

    H says...
    November 8th, 2011 at 6:01 pm
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