WWDC Day One Update: Rumors Confirmed



Yesterday, after all of the rumors and hype, Apple rolled out new innovations and announcements about their revolutionary products. While the hype leading up to Apple’s event mostly surrounded new iPhone hardware, that announcement may end up being the one with the least impact.

The rollouts at Apple’s WWDC were numerous and included a new MacBook Pro, Apple slashing prices on notebooks, the Snow Leopard OS and, of course, the iPhone 3G S. But the most compelling product reveal at the conference surrounded the release date of the iPhone OS 3.0.

The hardware in Apple’s iPhone 3G S seemed to get two major face lifts: a 3-megapixel camera capable of taking video and a storage size upgrade. Sure, Apple is claiming that the 3G S will blow the doors off the previous versions of the iPhone, but customers will have to wait until June 19 to find out for sure. The question is whether or not those hardware upgrades are significant enough to entice a user to spend the money — $199 and $299 for a 16-GB or 32-GB version of the 3G S, respectively, with a subsidy from AT&T, of course — on a new smartphone.

It will be interesting to watch and see if these updates and innovations are enough to convince consumers to pick up these products.

What do you think of Apple’s announcements?

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