New iPhone Name



A few weeks back TweakOSX reported the possibility of a new iPhone popping up at the next WWDC. Further rumors seem to be confirming that Apple has something in the works. One of the most frequent rumors and possiblities is that the new iPhone will add video features to its already loaded arsenal of applications and gadgets. This would even further revolutionize the iPhone into a comprehensive handheld device that changes everything.

Tuaw suggests that, “This adds to some already interesting news, reported earlier by AppleInsider, that new model placeholders have begun appearing in inventory for Carphone Warehouse, a retailer that resells the iPhone. These models were labeled with a “V3″, which could simply mean Version 3, or the V may also stand for “Video” or “Video 3G”. Other retailers have also recently reported additional entries or placeholders showing up in their inventories, and many carriers have also received end of life notices for the current 3G models.”

With all of the hype and excitement about this possible new iPhone, Apple is sure not to disappoint. Keep an eye here on TweakOSX as we track and monitor the rumors and progress of Steve Jobs and the Apple company.

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