A Vision Of The Future



I was having a conversation with some friends this weekend and we were talking about the new Star Trek movie that has come out recently. We were talking about our favorite characters from all of the shows and I mentioned Geordi La Forge as one of my favorites of all time. Someone looked at me, albeit a little weirdly, and said, “You know they have glasses like that now!” My unbelief was evident on my face, but he insisted that Apple had created a product where you could watch movies and play video games with virtual glasses on.

I was stunned! So I went looking and found them. The Vuzix iWear AV920 Video Glasses are the new wave of the future. These glasses have an advanced optical display with twin, high-resolution 640×480 LCD displays deliver a virtual theatre equivalent to a 62” screen, viewed from 9 feet away, and can be worn with or without prescription glasses, while built in over-ear speakers deliver stunning stereo sound. Custom fit for your comfort, the headstrap and AccuTilt viewer allow you to pivot the display up to 15 degrees for the best viewing angle. What’s more, the soft, hypoallergenic nosepiece means that you won’t suffer during extended use.

The glasses are most compatible with iPods and iPhones, but seem to work decently with any type of audio/visual device. Have any of you tried these glasses? What did you think?

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