Mac Rentals Needed at Sports Events!



This weekend I was in Seattle with a group of friends for a Seattle Mariners baseball game. I always look forward to going to a game and enjoying the atmosphere and a good $7 hot dog. What surprised me, on Saturday however, was the amount of kids at the ball park. Normally this wouldn’t catch me off guard. It was Memorial Day weekend, a great chance to take your kid to the park, and it was a beautiful day. But what surprised me was the amount of kids I saw with Nintendo DS players in the hands at the game. I thought to myself, “Man, Seattle must really have a market for Nintendo DS game systems, its probably because of all the rain”. But as we were leaving the stadium, I walked by a kiosk where all of these kids and their parents were checking these Nintendo DS back in. Apparently, they had rented these game systems for during the game to keep their kids occupied, and then they returned them after the game was over. It was too crowded to stop and ask how much they were going for, but it sparked an idea in me.

Put aside the fact that bringing your kids to the ball park should be entertainment enough, but if you had a child or are someone yourself that just has to have extra stimulus all around you during the day, Apple ought to capitalize on the chance and RENT MacBooks and other Apple products DURING these sporting events. iPods, iPhones and other products could be rented for the duration of sporting events, giving your kids (or you) a chance to stay connected to the world while enjoying the sporting event.

Maybe the idea would never catch on, maybe the insurance would be so through the roof that no one would rent the products, but its worth the time of a think tank group mulling it over. What do you think?

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