iPhone the Gaming Technology of the Future



With all the talk about a new iPhone coming out, all the other possibilities that the iPhone might bring are limitless. With its downloadable apps, iPhone has continued to provide applications and tools that are innovative in the phone world. Not only are apps being developed that are revolutionary for use and management of everyday life, but games are becoming a big focus of the iPhone’s function.

Sources are confirming new possibilities of innovative new games for the iPhone. Some of these games include the spy game Agency Wars, a Mafia title, and virtual-pet software called iFluff Friends according to BusinessWeek. Also, an as-yet-untitled game in development. This one puts the iPhone user in the cockpit of a fighter jet. You control the plane and shoot down bad guys by tilting your phone, using the accelerometers inside Apple’s (AAPL) handset. Here’s the kicker: The enemy planes might be piloted by another iPhone gamer.

This new game could open up incredible gaming opportunities for iPhone users. Imagine sitting in a meeting or somewhere else and you receive a message from your squadron that you’re needed in battle! These new iPhone games could revolutionize the way we play networked games and make them portable and exciting.

What are some games you’d hope to see on the new iPhone?

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