New iPhone On The Way?


iphoneWord on the mac street is that Apple is rolling out a new iPhone 3.0 sometime this summer. Sources have confirmed that the new phone will have at least 100 new features, “including a copy, cut and paste feature, MMS support, file sharing, peer to peer Blu-tooth support and advanced SDK features.”

Yet one of the biggest rumors mentioned has not been confirmed by Apple; video capabilities. The ability of an iPhone to take video would be a HUGE new addition to the revolutionary product. It would allow new apps to be created and editing software on the spot to be able to post to youtube, vimeo and other sights. It could integrate photo and video together and further the iPhone as the quintessential culmination of technology. It would also keep them on track to compete with other companies and phones that are attempting to bring video capabilities to their lines, but somehow, Apple will figure out a way to do it better.

The new iPhone could potentially be introduced this summer at the Developers Conference in June. Anticipation will continue to raise over what Apple might be cooking up behind closed doors. Whatever it is, you and I both know it’ll be creative and exciting!

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