Simply Ways to Stay Connected



Since I don’t have the money for an iPhone, there are other ways that I try and stay connected to the world. We live in a generation and era where everyone wants to be connected in some way. There are myriads of opportunities to connect with old friends and stay current with others. Ways to network and do business, advertise and sell products. So what is this new phenomena and desire to be connected and where does it come from?

As a human race, we’ve always been curious about other people. Now, in an age where the world is shrinking, we have a chance to experience the world like no generation before us ever has. Furthermore, we are learning how to communicate in different ways and be linked with those people and friends no matter where they might be.

Here areĀ  just a few ways you could begin getting connected if you are new to the whole technology thing. And even if you’re not, remember these basic ideas and networks to keep you connected.

Facebook-is probably the most integrated and widespread way of connected with friends and others. You can post photos and videos and display your information about where you are and what you’re doing. You can join groups and networks and even chat with other friends that are online. Facebook is diligent in keeping the interface safe for its users while giving you freedom to express who you are.

Twitter-is a spin off of the Facebook ‘status’ section which allows simply to tell others ‘what you are doing’ or link to a website or blog article that you enjoy reading. You can send messages to friends and ‘follow’ others to stay up with what they are doing.

AOL Instant Message-Old and becoming outdated, this is still one of the best ways to instantly chat with friends. It is a simple program that takes up little space and gives you a chance to quickly keep in contact with friends.

So if you’re new to this technology thing or wondering how you can get ‘plugged in’ to the world in a new and different way, try one of these great technologies. Of course you can always go for trying text messaging and other interfaces, but those listed above are some of the basics.

Know some other great ‘beginner’s’ interface? let us know in the comments section.

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