Bump Techonology For iPhone Shares Information



One of the newest and most innovative apps recently created was inspired by the fist pumping Obamas and invented by students at the University of (guess where) Chicago. This iPhone app shares information with fellow iPhone users by ‘bumping’ together and, within 10 seconds, detailed content information or simply selected data is transferred to the other iPhone.

Benderoff over at Physorg says, “I bumped an iPhone with an iPod Touch and contact information was transferred between the devices well within 10 seconds, more like 5. Both gadgets asked for confirmation before the information could be downloaded. Very simple, very impressive and very cool.

Both users need to have the free Bump app on their iPhones to work. Users fill out a Bump contact card for sharing. When a bump occurs, your data transfers to the other user’s address book, and vice versa.”

What is even more interesting is the technoloy behind this app. Apparently “It monitors the accelerometers in the two phones and a smart matching algorithm running in the cloud is able to match up any two phones in the world that bump each other.”

Check out the video of how the app works below:

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