Does The Color Really Matter?



I received an email today from Apple advertising their new, Contour iSee inked iPod protector that, “Protects your iPod nano without hiding its gorgeous color. The clear polycarbonate hardshell casing has a unique pattern etched inside, so it’s smooth on the outside. Choose from six designs.” This cool new product could be a great protector for device like the iPod, considering the wear and tear that occurs to them while being transported between home and the gym, gym and school, school and the car. We take our iPods everywhere and they have become a device that has revolutionized the music industry.

But what is interesting to me is what Apple is doing now. For the past few years, they have advertised iPods with different colors. The iPod page on Apple is a beautiful rainbow of different colors to choose from for you iPod. They also allow you to personalize and engrave your iPod.

In an age where new electronics and inventions are being produced nearly every day, it is interesting how Apple and other companies are not only marketing their products as electronics needed for your everyday life, but that they have become accesories, fashion statements and indicators of cultural status or class. I have a friend who told me that she would never consider getting an iPod until she heard that they have pink ones, and so, this past week she bought a pink iPod, most likely not to enjoy the technology of the iPod, but to fit in and have her iPod match her pink purse and pink everything else.

So does the color of your iPod really matter to you? Do you think that Apple and other companies are increasing sales by advertising green and blue macbooks or other colored products? Let us know in the comments section.

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