And Apple Pushes Back…CLASSICS app for iPhone



Well that didn’t take long. Searching around for the Amazon Kindle 2 information, I came across an app for the iPhone called ‘Classics‘, a reader application for your iPhone that allows you to download and read some of the great literary classics in the world. Books like: ‘Call of the Wild’ ‘Huckleberry Finn’ ‘Pride and Prejudice’ ‘Treasure Island’ and, my personal favorite, ‘Paradise Lost’, are available to download and read on your iPhone. The newest version includes, ‘Draclua’ ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ as well. Apple is making an effort to sell the app by lowering the price 40% to $2.99

One cool feature of the Classics app is that Classics will automatically remember where you last finished reading and will flip to that page when you reopen the app. The Classics GUI is beautiful and attractive. But there are some issues. Macworld comments, “Although the text in Classics is easy to read, scalable type and customizable fonts would be useful features. So would a landscape viewing option. As the Classics library expands, there should be a way to remove certain titles from the shelves when memory becomes an issue. For that matter, why not let users add their own books?”

I think there is still a lot of fine tuning to do with the app, and still a long ways off from competing with the Kindle, but Apple is on the right track and the iPhone could be the right interface to begin pushing eBooks and other apps similar to it. So while I’m a big fan of pulling books down off my shelf in my library and sitting by the fire, book in hand, reading like they did in the dark ages (ten years ago) Classics for the iPhone could be the new wave of the future.

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