The Other E-Book Reader



Since Apple hasn’t come out with an E-Booker reader yet, the next best option is the Amazon Kindle 2, a thin, wireless reading device that holds over 1,500 books. This updated version from the original kindle keeps the features from the original and has a Kindle Store of over 230,000 ebooks available.

My favorite feature about the Kindle 2 is the ability to get books delivered right to your reader in less than 60 seconds with no PC required. These means that you can download ebooks wherever you are during your day.

Having the option to read blogs and books pretty much anywhere without needing to pull out your PC or Mac is an appealing prospect for me. There are quite a blogs that I’m now following and not enough time in the day to read them all. The Kindle gives me the chance to stay current on those sites.

The pricing on the books are low and the selection is exceptional. There is an a ‘Read-To-Me’ feature which means that Kindle can read the books, blogs, magazine or newspaper articles out loud while you are driving or not able to read them yourself.

The Kindle will be released on February 24th, but you can pre-order today. The Kindle is $359.00.

Follow this link to purchase the Amazon Kindle 2 and try this great new product from Amazon.

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