25 Random Things About Me



Many of you may have been a part of or seen the note game on Facebook of writing Random Facts about yourself for all of your friends to see. While I have refrained from writing ANY notes on Facebook, I figured, why keep just my friends in the loop? Instead, I’ll just let the whole world know random facts about myself. So here’s 25 random things about one of the bloggers of TweakOSX:

1. I have been married to a woman more beautiful and incredible then I ever thought there was on the Earth, for almost five years.

2. My favorite movie is ‘Thirteen Days’ with Kevin Costner about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

3. My other job is living life with college students.

4. Every time I swim in the ocean I visualize being eaten by a shark.

5. My wife and I spent five months teaching and traveling in China and Thailand.

6. I was born with no cartilage in my ears so they grew perpendicular to my head, until I had surgery when I was five.

7. My brother and I were three-time high school conference champions in doubles tennis.
8. One of my goals in life is to write a book.

9. I played college football at Western Oregon University, with Super Bowl Champion Kevin Boss.

10. I am not ashamed to say that I enjoy birdwatching!

11. My favorite meal is my wife’s lasagna.

12. My favorite place in the world is home.

13. I’ve been speechless two times in my life; on my wedding day and standing on a mountainside at Denali National Park, Alaska.

14. Sometimes I talk too much.

15. I’m currently on my couch in a sweatshirt and sweatpants…I love this job!

16. The love of family and friends has been a constant source of encouragement and strength in my life.

17. As a kid, I loved to drink pickle juice and have peanut butter and ketchup sandwiches.

18. My favorite cartoon growing up was Darkwing Duck.

19. My brother is now a quarterback for the Boise Burn.

20. My sister can out think and out talk most guys I know when it comes to sports.

21. My parents get smarter every day.

22. My favorite president is Abraham Lincoln

23. When I grow up, I want to make a difference.

24. Music stirs my soul like few things in this world can.

25. I’m getting old…

Whew! That was tough. Hopefully you know me a little better now and know where my random thoughts on all things Apple comes from. Leave some random comments about yourself in the comments section below!

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