And Apple Pushes Back…CLASSICS app for iPhone


Well that didn’t take long. Searching around for the Amazon Kindle 2 information, I came across an app for the iPhone called ‘Classics‘, a reader application for your iPhone that allows you to download and read some of the great literary classics in the world. Books like: ‘Call of the Wild’ ‘Huckleberry Finn’ ‘Pride and Prejudice’ ‘Treasure Island’ and, my personal favorite, ‘Paradise Lost’, are available to download and read on your iPhone. The newest version includes, ‘Draclua’ ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ as well. Apple is making an effort to sell the app by lowering the price 40% to $2.99

One cool feature of the Classics app is that Classics will automatically remember where you last finished reading and will flip to that page when you reopen the app. The Classics GUI is beautiful and attractive. But there are some issues. Macworld comments, “Although the text in Classics is easy to read, scalable type and customizable fonts would be useful features. So would a landscape viewing option. As the Classics library expands, there should be a way to remove certain titles from the shelves when memory becomes an issue. For that matter, why not let users add their own books?”

I think there is still a lot of fine tuning to do with the app, and still a long ways off from competing with the Kindle, but Apple is on the right track and the iPhone could be the right interface to begin pushing eBooks and other apps similar to it. So while I’m a big fan of pulling books down off my shelf in my library and sitting by the fire, book in hand, reading like they did in the dark ages (ten years ago) Classics for the iPhone could be the new wave of the future.

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The Other E-Book Reader


Since Apple hasn’t come out with an E-Booker reader yet, the next best option is the Amazon Kindle 2, a thin, wireless reading device that holds over 1,500 books. This updated version from the original kindle keeps the features from the original and has a Kindle Store of over 230,000 ebooks available.

My favorite feature about the Kindle 2 is the ability to get books delivered right to your reader in less than 60 seconds with no PC required. These means that you can download ebooks wherever you are during your day.

Having the option to read blogs and books pretty much anywhere without needing to pull out your PC or Mac is an appealing prospect for me. There are quite a blogs that I’m now following and not enough time in the day to read them all. The Kindle gives me the chance to stay current on those sites.

The pricing on the books are low and the selection is exceptional. There is an a ‘Read-To-Me’ feature which means that Kindle can read the books, blogs, magazine or newspaper articles out loud while you are driving or not able to read them yourself.

The Kindle will be released on February 24th, but you can pre-order today. The Kindle is $359.00.

Follow this link to purchase the Amazon Kindle 2 and try this great new product from Amazon.


WordPress App on iPhone

WordPress is offering an opportunity for bloggers to work on their iPhone! The app has needed some work and adjustments, but WordPress is ready to roll out iPhone Version 1.2. This version includes updates with support for editing and creating Pages, Photo resizing options and Link Creation Help. As one who uses WordPress, these features are important in the creation of any blog post, and so these functions will allow iPhone owners/Bloggers chance to perfect their skill from their phone.

A video tutorial rolls out some of the expected changes…

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25 Random Things About Me


Many of you may have been a part of or seen the note game on Facebook of writing Random Facts about yourself for all of your friends to see. While I have refrained from writing ANY notes on Facebook, I figured, why keep just my friends in the loop? Instead, I’ll just let the whole world know random facts about myself. So here’s 25 random things about one of the bloggers of TweakOSX:

1. I have been married to a woman more beautiful and incredible then I ever thought there was on the Earth, for almost five years.

2. My favorite movie is ‘Thirteen Days’ with Kevin Costner about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

3. My other job is living life with college students.

4. Every time I swim in the ocean I visualize being eaten by a shark.

5. My wife and I spent five months teaching and traveling in China and Thailand.

6. I was born with no cartilage in my ears so they grew perpendicular to my head, until I had surgery when I was five.

7. My brother and I were three-time high school conference champions in doubles tennis.
8. One of my goals in life is to write a book.

9. I played college football at Western Oregon University, with Super Bowl Champion Kevin Boss.

10. I am not ashamed to say that I enjoy birdwatching!

11. My favorite meal is my wife’s lasagna.

12. My favorite place in the world is home.

13. I’ve been speechless two times in my life; on my wedding day and standing on a mountainside at Denali National Park, Alaska.

14. Sometimes I talk too much.

15. I’m currently on my couch in a sweatshirt and sweatpants…I love this job!

16. The love of family and friends has been a constant source of encouragement and strength in my life.

17. As a kid, I loved to drink pickle juice and have peanut butter and ketchup sandwiches.

18. My favorite cartoon growing up was Darkwing Duck.

19. My brother is now a quarterback for the Boise Burn.

20. My sister can out think and out talk most guys I know when it comes to sports.

21. My parents get smarter every day.

22. My favorite president is Abraham Lincoln

23. When I grow up, I want to make a difference.

24. Music stirs my soul like few things in this world can.

25. I’m getting old…

Whew! That was tough. Hopefully you know me a little better now and know where my random thoughts on all things Apple comes from. Leave some random comments about yourself in the comments section below!


All You Have To Do Is Believe

Mac and PC from 72mm Blogs on Vimeo.

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Sea of Faces


One of the most anticipated additions to iLife ’09 and iPhoto ’09 is the Face-recognition feature that identifies within your photo library pictures of the same people and gives you the opportunity to quickly identify and locate pictures of friends and family. This innovative concept seems adapted from the facebook idea of ‘tagging’ people in photos, but Apple has taken it one step further with the face recognition program that can search your database and find pictures without you having to locate and ‘tag’ every photo.

This application takes some getting used to and some set up time. When you first open Faces, you must go through and identify people individually in your photos. This can be an arduous process, but after tagging a person in 20 or so photos, iPhoto will composite a selection of photos for you to choose from that confirm that the person you are selecting is in those pictures as well. The program can recognize pictures where people have aged (sometimes within a ten year span, more if you vary the pictures that you select of that person) and then stores the person and their list of photos on a ‘corkboard’ that you can access and scroll through to locate certain individuals. Faces will even try to locate faces in a video from your digital camera.

This creative new program is not without its drawbacks. Macworld says, “The Faces training system could be a bit more straightforward, and it’s not as automatic as you’d expect. For example, we were hoping for some sort of batch-training mode, but you have to spend quite a bit of time manually confirming or rejecting each suspected match. You need to enter a collection of a person’s photos to get iPhoto started, then click Confirm Name and hope that there are some good candidate photos for you to train.”

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