Time For A Change…Macs in the White House



That’s right Apple lovers. Your dream has come true. The new ‘most powerful man’ in the world is using a Mac to ‘change’ things. According to Telegraph, President Obama is a Mac-User and his wife Michelle tells People that he never goes anywhere without it. President Obama uses his Mac most for iChatting with his wife and kids while he’s busy on the campaign trail and getting use to the new job. Obama’s smart choice, as well as his staff’s, could change the face of computer usage in politics and bring the White House and Congress into the 21st century. Before long, Senators might be iChatting with their constituents while on the floor of the Senate. Who knows? Perhaps this is the ‘connection’ to the people that politicians are looking for.

Obama’s Mac-savvy team also landed in a pile of computer crap and system snags when they moved into the White House last week. They were appalled at all of the Microsoft software left over from the Bush administration and didn’t know which programs needed to be updated or just ‘thrown out’. “It is kind of like going from an Xbox to an Atari,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton told the Washington Post. Staffers will have their hands full in the next few months bringing everything up to ‘Apple’ speed.

President Obama has promised to ‘be the change’ we need in America with help from the American people. Well, the people have spoken and the wave of the future is the Mac. Maybe we can push for legislation to ‘re-wire’ Washington D.C. Now if Steve Jobs can only get Obama to switch to an iPhone then we’d know that change really has come to America.

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