Why I Still Love My Mac


Its been 2.5 years since I purchased my first Macbook and I am still a big fan of Apple. A lot has happened in the last 2.5 years of our lives. We lived abroad in China, moved around to a few different jobs and apartments and now I am back in school, so the use of our Macbook has seen different purposes throughout that time. From a connection to a world thousands of miles away, to a work tool, now to being used for school and work together.

Here’s a list of some of the things I still love about my Macbook:

-Media capacity and interaction-
The ability and ease with which the MacBook allows you to work with pictures, videos and even music has been outstanding. Never have our pictures been so organized and the videos we have been able to create from our time overseas will be memories that we will never lose. Being able to create slideshows and videos with iPhoto and iMovie/iDVD has been very important to us.

This program has allowed me to do a better job of coordinating my life. With color-coded entries, reminders and quick and easy input, I have been able to balance school, work and personal schedules all on one calendar.

All of the quick and easy to use widgets on my dashboard have made for efficient use of my time on the MacBook. Instead of searching through programs and folders on other computers, I have fast access to the most basic functions I might need on my Mac.

The Built-in-camera has been great to use for video creation and for use with Skype while we were overseas. Being able to chat and see family and friends faces (and even do a job interview) becauseĀ  the built-in-iSight gave many opportunities to see familiar faces and it is also great for my wife’s favorite part about our MacBook, Photo Booth.

That’s a list, albeit simple, of some of my favorite and basic programs and functions of my MacBook. Its been a great computer for us and there are many other features which we love. It has given us the opportunity to be connected to a technology world that is ever-changing and ever-growing.

What are some of your favorite Mac features? Leave a comment below.

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