Online Learning Tools For Students


As schools continue during this winter and many colleges begin new terms, and our culture and education moves more and more onto computers, resources and programs that can assist in educational growth and development are becoming more and more important.

There are many resources and programs out there available for students and parents looking to give students the necessary aids to further their education.

MakeUseOf has a great list of resources and programs that are available for study and educational advancement. Some of the highlights that caught my eye were the SpeedCrunch that assists in Mathematical equation and processing. Holding my degree in English Literature, Zotero, a firefox extension, can be a helpful tool in research and composing papers and literary comparisons.

But one of the most exciting educational programs I’ve found in my research was CrossCountry USA, a program that enables the kids in your classroom or home to, “‘drive’ an 18-wheel truck around the country picking up and delivering a variety of commodities. As they travel between any of 203 cities, they’ll learn valuable skills including problem solving, map reading and decision making. On-screen maps and a compass allow students to learn directions and plan the most efficient route.”

These educational programs give your student or child the chance to interact, learn and grow in an ever-changing educational world.

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