A Great Democracy and Peaceful Transition


It is fascinating how every four to eight years, our nation is able to transfer power in such a peaceful way. Sure the campaign season was intense and interesting. But as I am watching the inauguration I am amazed at our country and the way in which its leadership peacefully transfers power. The word that kept coming to my mind this morning was the word ‘hope’. Hope that our economy will improve, hope that the innovations and intentions of our leaders and businesses will prove enough to continue to spur on this great nation.

Hope has the potential to engender great advancement and a willingness to look beyond current situations, comfortable or dire, and to not be satisfied with complacency or status quo but to move forward, to grow and to change, in order that this world might be a better place.

Technology and invention is a reflection of the creative talent of those that would dare to hope and believe that the impossible can be accomplished. President Obama said in his Inaugural address that we must not forget, “what free men and women can acheive when imagination is joined with purpose”.  My hope is that President Obama will create and give the opportunity to move beyond our current situation, to create new industry and advancement and to spur on a nation capable of greatness. May God bless President Obama and may God bless America.

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