Twittering with your Mac


One of my online graduate courses is requiring that I maintain and post to Twitter a minimum of three times a week. I’m assuming that most of you have heard of Twitter before but in case you haven’t, its another popular social network interface that allows you to post what you are ‘doing’ at a certain point in the day in 140 spaces or less, much like a Facebook ‘status’ would do. This new interface gives you a chance to ‘follow’ friends and others and gives bloggers like me another chance to promote blog postings.

Macworld sums it up nicely: “Twitter refers to itself as a micro-blogging service, where users can type 140 characters or less and have it instantly appear in the Twittosphere for the world—or, more important, for the people who “follow” you on Twitter—to read. Think of it as text messaging to a group of people all at once. But how can this be useful or productive to the average creative Mac user?”

Twitter can provide interfaces for you to connect with other Mac users, find web sites and additional info on Mac sites or design information. There are even stand alone applications like Twitterrific and others that allow you to follow ‘tweet’ and ‘follow’ on your Mac desktop.

If you’re a blogger or someone interested in joining the blogging community, twitter can be an excellent way to promote and drive traffic to your site as well as build a community of bloggers around you.

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