Variable iTunes Pricing A Good Or Bad Thing?


According to recent news released at the MacWorld Expo, iTunes will begin pricing their songs differently due to the DRM-Free system that is now being implemented. MacWorld says that, “iTunes Plus is Apple’s DRM-free encoding for the iTunes Store; music is encoded using the Advanced Audio Codec format (AAC) at 256Kbps. Beginning today, 8 million of the iTunes Store’s 10 million songs will be offered without DRM; the entire catalog is expected to go DRM-free by the end of the first calendar quarter of 2009.”

The DRM-Free music is upgraded to a higher quality, but costs $.30 cents an upgrade. Is it worth it? Is the quality of music and video really that much better or is it a ploy to make more money from Apple and Steve Jobs?

We’re curious what you think. Have you upgraded to iTunes Plus? Do you notice a difference? Granted the pricing will be better and more varied for future purchases. Apparently there will be three pricing tiers: 99 cents, 69 cents, and $1.29. And we’ve been assured that more songs are going to be offered at 69 cents than at $1.29. But is it worth it to upgrade current songs at $.30 a song?

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