Apple Launches iWork ’09


According to an article at MacWorld, Apple is improving business options for its program, iWork ’09. The program gives more flexibility and power to the business presenter, as well as adding options to each of the iWork components, Keynote, Pages and Numbers.

Keynote: Magic Move and Keynote Remote gives you better presentation options and lets you control your slides from your mobile device for a cost of $1.

Pages: Adds more viewing options, including a full page view and adds support for scientists and math formulas.

Numbers: gives you the option of creating ‘categories’ for your spreadsheets. According to MacWorld “Numbers also features new chart options, including mixed chart types, multi-axis charts, charts with trendlines, and error bars.”

Apple is continuing to improve and make more popular its iWork programs, giving businesses more opportunities to use Macs to run their business through. Steve Jobs says, “With iWork ’09, Apple continues to demonstrate that innovation is possible in office productivity software, and that creating impressive presentations, documents and spreadsheets doesn’t need to be complicated.”

What are some options that aren’t found in iWork ’09 that you wish were there? Let us know in the comments section.

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