Steve Jobs First Step Out of the Limelight?


I got to thinking again this morning about Apple’s latest “money saving tactic” of quitting Macworld Expo altogether (read my earlier post here). I’m Wondering what Apple is up to.

Are they trying to avoid going down with yet another event that is trouble and headed for the big Consumer Show Heaven in the sky? Are they really spending that much money taking part in a show they don’t feel they’re getting a good value out of? Did the Macworld Expo execs forget to send the Apple execs a Christmas card with the usual jelly bean of the month club membership for the coming year?

Of course there’s a lot we don’t know, but one thought ran through my mind…is this an easy way to transition Steve Jobs out of the spotlight and begin grooming, or at least trying out, possible replacements? Phil Schiller is, after all, one of Apple’s marketing geniuses. It would have been better if he’d gotten some stage time at the WWDC Keynote, but nonetheless, a guy in marketing, much less a genius, should be able to get up and kick some keynote butt.

As I was pondering these lofty questions and running through my mail, I see an update from a news service about Steve Jobs’ hormone imbalance treatment. Now replacing Jobs at Apple’s last appearance at Macworld Expo makes sense. It also lends some credibility to the news sources reporting Jobs’ health issues. At this point you may be thinking “Uh, yeah genius!  That’s exactly what they’re doing.”, but I hadn’t made the jump yet.

With Phil at the keynote helm, we have to wonder if Apple will set him up for success or test the waters first. Will they show that Apple is bigger than Steve Jobs and announce a revolutionary product or two (such as a new iPhone form factor or Mac tablet)? That would sure solidify a stance that Apple can/will march on regardless of whether or not we see Jobs at the public forefront.

Or will Apple give us some dismal upgrades to existing lines leaving us wanting just a bit more like it has in too many keynote addresses in the past? Consequently, this wouldn’t do much to solidify the Philster as a worthy Jobs replacement.

It will be interesting to see what happens and we won’t know, as usual, until showtime.  One thing is for sure:  Apple again has us talking about and wondering what tomorrow’s keynote will contain. I’m already excited!

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