Apple Bails on Macworld Expo

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I just read on Macworld’s site that Apple is no longer going to take part in the Macworld Expo after this January’s conference.  If that wasn’t enough, Steve Jobs isn’t going to be giving the keynote as has become tradition at the Expo in years past.  Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, will be giving it in his place.

My initial reaction:  What the HECK?!

I don’t know what Apple’s financial responsibility is for Macworld Expo, if any, but it seems to me it’s a great opportunity to take part in and give back to the Apple community it has created. Not to mention it’s a show at which Apple is undisputedly the king vendor.

Sure times are tough.  Of course all businesses need to look for ways to cut back. There’s no doubt the Apple stores could easily fill the role and have proven to generate more impact than an Expo every could. BUT…to bail on one of the largest and possibly purest Mac related events…that seems like a bit of a kick in the face. Where else are they going to walk in and get “the king” treatment and exposure without exceeding what was required for the Macworld Expo?

Even though I have never attended a Macworld Expo, I look forward to the keynote and what goodies Apple will be providing in exchange for my wallet getting lighter. I personally believe that Apple’s exposure at this event goes far beyond the group in attendance, impacting what they have referred to in the stores as “Mini Expos”.

Anyone else with me on this?

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    January 5th, 2009 at 2:00 pm
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