Election Day Tracker From Apple


Today is the big day. At the end of the day we will hopefully know who our next President elect will be. Want to be able to track the election from your Mac with quick access? Apple is offering a widget application that allows you to track the elections both national and statewide from your widget application on your mac. Elections 1.0 gives you the ability to monitor todays polls and voting information, as well as have access to websites and news information nationwide.

On the widget, you can select information about elections, polls, debates, tools and even track your votes in comparison to the rest of your state and country. My personal favorite application in the widget and one that will be most useful today is the ‘Electoral Map Resource’ that gives you insight into the electoral process and how things are shaping up throughout the day.

The widget costs $0.99 and can be downloaded in iTunes formatm. It gives you an opportunity to stay informed and discuss election results throughout the day and the upcoming weeks and months as our nation and states undergo dramatic (and hopefully positive) change.

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