Apple’s ‘Biggest Shopping Day Of The Year’ Is Coming Soon…

Apple is promising to have big sales and special deals this year on the day after thanksgiving. Their on-site promo reads:

“Come back to the Apple Online Store the day after Thanksgiving for a special one-day-only holiday shopping event. You’ll find dozens of great iPod, iPhone, and Mac gift ideas.

Mark your calendars. And start your research now by browsing the Apple Online Store to find iPod, iPhone, and Mac gifts for everyone on your list.”

Items listed above can make great and special gifts for your loved ones (or for yourself) around the holidays and ‘Black Friday’ can be a good time to pick these up. Analyst Ben Reitzes of Barclay Capital states at iPodNN that the discounts “should include not just $100 discounts on Macs, but additional discounts on iPods, and possibly some for iPhones. As support for the last proposition, Reitzes cites hints that France’s Orange will slash the 8GB iPhone down from €149 to €99 for the holidays, something which could be matched by America’s AT&T if Apple cooperates.”

So whether the ‘special day’ includes apple products or just apple accessories will be a mystery until the actual day, as with any ‘Apple’ event. But my interest is piqued and I am looking forward to seeing what might be offered.

Ideas or hopes on what might be included in the ‘Biggest Shopping Day Of The Year’? Post a comment below.

Check back on Black Friday for our opinion on the deals offered.


Testing Sonoma Wire Works Fourtrack for iPhone

As a wannabe musician, I’m always on the lookout for cool things to merge the worlds of technology and music creation, especially when it’s something portable. There have been various pocket instruments that have been released for the iPhone, and BeatMaker, which lets you sequence, but my heart lies with recording actual instruments…and today I got to try out Fourtrack, which does just that.

Fourtrack is simple to use. You fire up the app, “Arm” a track to enable it to record, hit the record button, and go. You can use it with the built in microphone on the iPhone, or use a thirdpart mic for iPhone or iPod touch. Once you’re done recording your track, you can arm another track, and monitor the first track through headphones while you record the next. You can do this for up to 4 tracks.

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Taking Your Business To The Macs

As computers become more and more prevalent in our world, more and more business are relying on computers to completely run and maintain records for their business. While Windows and PCs have previously dominated business offices and company with their computers, many are switching to Macbooks for personal and business use. But how easy is it to switch over from Windows or PC to your Macbooks? What are the snags and hold ups that might occur when trying to make the transition?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of moving your business to the Mac. We’ll examine different software and tools that can make it easier or harder, and gain insight and input from you, the reader.

One of the biggest differences between Macs and PCs, especially in relationship to business, is the operating system. PCs use the world-wide familiar Windows Operating system, while Macs use a new and innovative, Leopard OS X. Many other posts on this site talk extensively about Leopard OS X, but in relationship to you and your business, how different are the operating systems?  Apple has delivered more than a thousand new features in Leopard OS X over the last seven years and is working to improve performance and there is talk about launching an operating system known as OS X Snow Leopard.

There are important questions to ask when considering moving your business to a Mac. What do you use your computer for in your business? Internet surfing, email, purchasing, record keeping, account information, payroll ? Are the employees in your company computer literate enough to make the transition with you? How much training will it take? What software is available and how much will it cost? Would a move to a Mac pay off in the long run? We will explore these questions and others in the next few weeks.

Part of our research and discussion will involve you, the reader. Gaining insight and input from you will be pivotal to our exploration. Have you attempted to move your business over? What did you experience? What were some of the more difficult issues and how did Mac make the transition easier? Your input is needed and valued.

Check out a guided tour and learn more about the basic operating system of the Macs at Apple and in the upcoming days and weeks we will launch an investigating into the realistic idea of taking your business to the macs!


Election Day Tracker From Apple

Today is the big day. At the end of the day we will hopefully know who our next President elect will be. Want to be able to track the election from your Mac with quick access? Apple is offering a widget application that allows you to track the elections both national and statewide from your widget application on your mac. Elections 1.0 gives you the ability to monitor todays polls and voting information, as well as have access to websites and news information nationwide.

On the widget, you can select information about elections, polls, debates, tools and even track your votes in comparison to the rest of your state and country. My personal favorite application in the widget and one that will be most useful today is the ‘Electoral Map Resource’ that gives you insight into the electoral process and how things are shaping up throughout the day.

The widget costs $0.99 and can be downloaded in iTunes formatm. It gives you an opportunity to stay informed and discuss election results throughout the day and the upcoming weeks and months as our nation and states undergo dramatic (and hopefully positive) change.