Standoff: Mac OS X vs. SuSe Linux vx. Windows Vista


I read an interesting post on ZDNet today about the best OS between Mac OS X, SuSe Linux and Windows Vista. It’s pretty common to see OS X and Vista in the lineup, but adding SuSe Linux was an approach I hadn’t seen recently. Needless to say, Mac OS X came out on top as far as the poster was concerned. Surprise surprise. I liked this summary:

For those who put a premium on user productivity, MacOS X is the no brainer option: it’s more matter of fact than Novell’s new GUI skin and packaging, and mostly just stays out of the way of knowledgeable users. In fact, for many it meets the IT ideal: it works so well, they don’t know it’s there or doing anything to help them – they just click and expect it to work; because, well, it just does.

I also found it interesting that it was suggested that all 3 OSes be run on Apple hardware for the test. An obvious choice to give OS X a fair shake, but an approach I hadn’t thought of.

Anyone performed a similar test or given a Linux flavor a true day-to-day productivity test?

Click here to view ZDNet’s original post.

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