My Play-by-Play Synopsis of The Apple Notebook Event


I sat down and tracked the “spotlight turns to note books” event at Apple from Engadget this morning and wanted to share and discuss some of my initial, real-time thoughts.

10:00AM: Tim Cook opened the event with a quarterly report of growing at “2/3x the market growth”.

Cook gave five reasons why Macs are continuing to grow and be successful…

1. Better computers

2. Better software

3. Compatability

4. Vista

5. Marketing

10:06AM: Something that excited me. Apple stores launching around the world: Sydney and Beijing…near and dear to my heart having lived and taught in China.

10:09AM: Macs in major universities…I’ve noticed at the graduate school I attend how much Macs are a part of our classrooms, but I still see plenty of PCs in my school. I wondered if the university classroom picture they showed of all the students with their Macs was an advertisement scheme, then I remembered that its Apple, and everything is an advertisement scheme!

10:11AM: Jony Ives out talking about new ways to build notebooks. The tension and excitment is building!

10:16AM: More discussion about internal design. My excitement is tiring! And what does the word ‘anodize’ mean?

10:17AM: Enter Steve Jobs…now the excitement is back!

10:20AM: Enter ‘Multi-touch glass trackpad’…a rumor confirmed.

10:22AM: THE NEW MACBOOK PRO!!! A beautiful crescendo of technology and innovation to the introduction of their new Macbook Pro.

10:23AM: Aspects of the New Macbook: Multi-touch glass trackpad, LED-backlit display, Precision aluminum unibody enclosure, Backlight keyboard, Sudden motion sensor and more.

10:25AM: precision unibody enclosure…half of the major structural parts yet a more rigid and firm construction. Hope for a lighter, yet more stable MacBook. Brick rumor confirmed.

10:29AM: New 9600M GT, 32 graphics core and 9400 integrated graphics included in Macbook. Nice job of piecing it all together Steve!

10:30AM: “So let’s get back to this mini display port — we can drive any display we could before, but at a fraction of the size — we’re building this into everything we make. This will also be the first MBP that we offer SSD on, and you can access the drives from underneath the battery.” Not sure what all those acronyms mean, but the mini display port sorts like a smooth touch.

10:32AM: New prices on MBP…$1999, 15.4 inch display, 2.4GHz Core 2 Du of DDR3 RAM, NIVDIA 9400 and 9600. Next step up at $2499. Decent pricing for the specs given.

10:34AM: Check out GreenGlancy for some insight on the new Epeat gold rating of the MBP.

10:35AM: And you only have to wait until November for a new MBP. Why not say, “a few weeks”?

10:37AM: I’m disappointed that the rumored macbook was going to be $899 and instead is a 24-inch LED backlit display. Still, if you’re looking for a home computer, this is a viable option.

10:39AM: Wait a minute…for $100 more those options ARE available in the MacBook line: glass trackpad, 5 hours of battery life. Lowering the price by $100 from $1099 to $999. Is it enough? Maybe not low enough!

10:42AM: “$1299 for the new MacBook 13.3-inch display, 2GHz Core 2 Duo… that’s $700 more affordable for these Pro features.” Nice move Steve, emphasize the $700 drop rather than the $100 one.

10:44AM: “So we think this will be a huge success.” Will be interesting to see if the market and economy effects their projected success and if the changes in innovative technology are enough.

10:45AM: While zoning out over the process of construction again, a colleague reminded me of the education discount that could be applied to the $999 MBP. Might be enough to convince my wife…

10:51AM: Trackpad orientation…Apple’s new way of confusing first time Mac users, albeit a cool new mouse and operations concept.

10:53AM: Nice to hear that Steve’s blood pressure is down.

10:54AM: Q & A session…side stepping, waiting for Blu-Ray to take off more. Good move on Apple’s part not to lock into a fastly changing and unreliable Media Technology World.

Well, there you have it…some rumors confirmed and some new innovations and new products from Apple. It’ll be interesting to watch the Apple market and see if the new $999 MBP can drive some more wavering college students over to Macs and flood universities and dorm rooms with macusers.

Check back this week as we take apart each of the new options and innovations from the Notebook event including the trackpad, new MBP, the unibody enclosure and the $899 Backlight display.w

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