Apple Notebook Media Event Today at 10am pst, 1am est


This morning on the west coast Steve Jobs and Apple will present more updates and innovative details to their Notebook collection. Rumors have been flying left and right and there is even the talk of an $800 notebook that may be released. According to other sources, however, “it seems the $899 product (K29, MB382LL/A) that has appeared on Apple’s product lists is likely an LED Apple Cinema Display and not a low-end MacBook.”

The same site, however, states that, “If Apple does introduce a $899 low end MacBook, analyst research suggests that it will increase the addressable notebook market by nearly 50% in terms of revenue”.

Whichever might be coming around the corner, its clear that this event will be interesting to follow in light of Wall Street and our current economic state. Will Jobs and Apple try to make their notebooks more accessible and lower prices, or continue to plug along and keep prices the same? What are their new innovations and how will they affect the Apple Notebooks?

Gizmodo.com, Engadget.com, ArsTechnica, Macworld have live keynote coverage and we’ll be updating later today with information about the presentation. Check back this week as we discuss the changes and updates to Apple Notebooks at TweakOSX.

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