Fall Cleaning On My Hard Disk


Yesterday while I was working on a project in iMovie, I received a warning that my disk drive was getting too full, which apparently then prompted iMovie to trash and empty the project I was working on. Stunned and shocked, I sat there in disappointed amazement, wondering how my project had been erased by my Mac right before my very eyes.

While I am still pondering what happened to my project, I embarked on cleaning up the disk drive on my Mac. I realized that I had a ton of files in Pages, Numbers and others that were out of date and that I didn’t need. ‘Finder’ was a great place to go to easily drag unwanted documents and other items into the trash bin to free up space. I was able to quickly free up space and feel a little better about operating and working on projects without them disappearing. The ‘Mac Help’ section in Finder also had some great tips on how to clean up and increase space on your hard disk:

Increasing available space on your hard disk

-Delete items you don’t need by dragging them to the Trash and choosing Finder > Empty Trash.
-Move files you don’t often use to an external disk drive, such as a FireWire disk drive. Once the files are transferred, you can delete the copies on your computer.
-Compress large folders into smaller archives (such as .dmg or .zip files).
-Store files on disks, CDs, or DVDs instead of on your hard disk.
-Remove languages you don’t need from applications. You can remove languages in the Application’s Get Info window. Select the application in the Finder and choose File menu > Get Info, then select the unwanted languages and click Remove.

If you have other ideas on how to clean up and increase space on your hard drive, or if you know where my iMovie project might have gone off to or why that might have happened, leave a comment below.

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