Digging Into BeatMaker


I purchased and downloaded Intua’s Beatmaker when it first released earlier in the year. This “mobile music creation studio” that runs on the iPhone is easily one of the most sophisticated, if not the most complicated apps I’ve downloaded for the iPhone so far. While it’s been fun to press buttons and make drum and sequence sounds come out of the iPhone, I have to admit that I haven’t really learned to use this tool beyond very basic tinkering.

This week, as a drummer was out of town, I contemplated using BeatMaker to program up some of the tracks for the performance, but I realized I didn’t have the know how to adequately put songs together and needed to learn how to not only create patterns, but also assemble songs. BeatMaker is a different animal than GarageBand, ProTools, or Logic, my normal music creation tools. I looked to the Intua website, and found these videos, but sadly, they don’t have much in the way of instruction, so much as just a visual demonstration of capabilities. In this next video, they show how to assemble a song from patterns, but the dude is just flying around the screen without saying anything else.

I’ve since downloaded the latest version, as well as the latest updated version of the manual, and have finally determined to tame the beast that is BeatMaker. Stay tuned for my series on using the BeatMaker program and understanding the interface.

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