Flickr Launches New iPhone Optimized Site


Flickr has launched a new iPhone Optimized version of it’s site, and so far, it’s not too shabby. If you’ve been using programs like Exposure to access Flickr on the iPhone, you may very well prefer to use the mobile version now.

You can’t edit, or use the Organizr, but pretty much everything else is available through the site as normal. This is almost like a lighter, sleeker version of Flickr, meant to perform well on your iPhone. Call it Flickr Lite.

Those heavy duty Flickr users out there will have to decide if this is a decent version of Flickr for you or not. I only use it occasionally, but do enjoy it for the ability to quickly load and show off an iPhone photo.

This may just fit the bill. Share your experiences about the iPhone optimzed Flickr on the iPhone.

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